The brand

We started our apparel project to tell
our story, share our inspiration and memories.

From-scratch process.
Exceptional quality. Distinct style.

At Wondergrove we offer our customers true unique garments, made from a custom cut & sew process. We lead with authenticity and quality. All of our designs start with a sketch, then we source the finest materials and work with factories who prioritize workmanship. We never use stock wholesalers and simply slap our logo on a product. We aim to preserve the traditional craft of true garment-making.

Rooted in Cut & Sew

All of our styles start with a pattern to help us curate each fit. This is a part of the blueprint that helps our factories cut the fabric according to our specifications in order to adequately sew each garment.

An Old-World Approach

We pride ourselves in the attention to detail and utilizaing manual touches and craftiness to manufacture pieces with curated dyeing and wash effects so that no two items are exactly the same.

We like things that look warn and well-traveled and will go the distance whereever you might take them.

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